Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Warning: Crabby Post Ahead

And so it begins. The fireworks in the street. Illegal, I might point out. Noisy! I hate them! The 4th of July is my most unfavorite holiday, not for what it represents but for all the idiot behavior it encourages. Explosives + people drinking too much. And it scares my dog, which really chafes my hide.

I'm also crabby because I've had a headache for 4 days now. It gets better and worse but won't go away. It's my period. It's the weather. It's the aliens... Who knows why but it persists. The other day someone who knows me well asked me how I was and I said that I had a headache and he said "Headaches are not allowed." I really wanted to slap him. Like I can just turn it off. If only. I guess he thought he was being funny? I don't know. People with migraines have a very low tolerance of being mocked. I just want to point that out. It's not funny. So shut up. And get me a fresh ice pack.

We leave for the BWCA on Sunday. Thank God. I want quiet and nature. I need it. Northern Lights would be nice, too.

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