Monday, August 22, 2005

A Sharp Stick in the Eye

Just to mix things up a little, I accidentally poked myself in the eye today. I just got home from the eye doctor and he says it's not a serious injury, but I do have to put ointment in my eye for a week 3 times a day, and it makes my vision blurry (think Vaseline in your eye) for 20 minutes after each application. FUN! Jeez. I blame this on the headache, because I probably wasn't being careful and was distracted by that pain, which has now resulted in...more pain. My eye feels bruised. The way the doc explained it to me, I scraped the skin off my cornea and white of my eye. Ack! I know it sounds nasty, but you can't really see anything. Heh, heh, little joke there. Corneal abrasion is the official name for it. Poke in the eye. Not a good Monday.

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