Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My latest recycled art thingie

Vinyl window clings, right? Not that I'm normally into these. Ginormous lawn art butterflies on the side of a house frighten me. But this is for my daughter's room. So the butterflies are actually from a condemned shower curtain. The bottom was all moldy and grungy and I'm allergic to mold (and probably grunge) so it was time for a replacement curtain. But instead of throwing out the whole thing, I cut out the butterflies (leave lots of room around them) and then just cleaned them off and cleaned off the window and plastered them on. It's an ugly cold winter day outside but the butterflies are cheery, no?

I think this could be really fun with a geometric pattern. It would make your window look all mod. People would walk by your house and look at your windows and say "That is sooooo cool."


Chris said...

I am SO grunge-friendly!

Here's the deal... this is really an awesome idea. Do you KNOW how many horrible plasticky vinal=y things you can cut out and put on windows and mirrors and such? How can something so simple be so profound?

Please adopt me.

ANKH said...

I saw you linked in a swap-bot group forum. I love these. My curtain is due for replacement, but I don't quite have enough supplies yet for it. My old one is polka dots, so it won't work so well, but it will definitely become something other than land filler! ;)