Thursday, November 20, 2008

Talk Like a Cheeky Hippo Day

I've lost my voice today. I mean, really lost it. It was rusty yesterday but now I can't talk at all. So I gotta go to the doctor. And meanwhile, I have to write down everything when I want to tell J. something, or answer a question. What a pain!! So his suggestion was just to use the hippo pictured here whenever I want to talk. It's a happy meal toy that a friend gave me for my daughter. I guess it's a character from the movie Madagascar. When you shake her, she says one of three things:

Let's go!
All righty, boys.
I know that's right.

I'm not sure if I can get by on that.


Chris said...

Oh, come on.
If you can get it to say all of them in succession, this would work out well for you!

Chris said...

Hey, how's your throat?
You know when you're away so long I start to worry...!