Sunday, November 09, 2008

photo frame decorating

Which I've never done before aside from painting it. Well, there was the one I made for W. with the dog pics, but that didn't start out as a photo frame, I made it into one. I digress. So I had fun with this. I don't usually post pics of my daughter on this blog, but this was my craft today, to get this picture of her in her Halloween outfit into a frame and decorate it. It's actually part of a hanging triptych of frames, so I think I'll just draw Xmas and Bday stick figures for the other frames for now so I can hang it and it doesn't look totally stupid. But I loved decorating this frame. Stickers, ribbon, and beads was all it took and it looks great. Here I'd been searching for this Halloween frame I'd bought a year or two ago and I couldn't find it and finally gave up and used this and I'm glad I did. I'm better at decorating a plain frame, so there.

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Chris said...

VeryCute!! Is she a Tigger? I'll go to her place and see. Great Idea, making a triptych. You gonna show it?

I had a craft day, too. I painted the side of my face 'blob brown' and cut my pinkie finger with the cutter bees.