Thursday, April 28, 2011

Laurie Mika's Clay Quilt Class

First of all, I hate pasta makers and conditioning clay.  I'd only ever taken one other clay class and hated it, and I don't like most of what I see made with clay.  But I saw Mika's work and was intrigued.  The class was fabulous! No pasta makers! We just used rolling pins and lots of rubber stamps.  It was great.  I'm a convert.

I did not do mine like a quilt, mine was more like houses.  I like architecture, and I added some little gears for fun.  I was really pleased with the results I got.  I definitely want to play with this stuff more.

Here's what my clay looked like before painting:

And here's what it looked like painted and baked:

I might have added too much paint, but I don't care.  It was my first try painting clay.  I love it.

Here's one someone else did that really appealed to me, as I love bingo numbers and numbers in general.  Most of the other people did jewel tones and I don't like those colors--turqoise with orange and purple.  Bleah.

Here's some of Mika's work that she had on display:

I LOVE this one.  I think that's a tooth!  I have some teeth I got from a shop that I could do something like this with, and I also have some tiny shells that would be fun to use for a little window thingie like this.  I love how she gets her color on the clay so uneven and variegated.  The black and gold look great together.


Parabolic Muse said...

Very cool. I like your finished product. I love making clay tiles. I hope to take her class some day.

Jo Anne O. said...

Hey Carrie! Great work! Do you have her book? It is really really good!!!