Monday, April 18, 2011

Roxanne's demo and other students' canvases

So here's Roxanne Padgett, showing us some of her stencils.  She used both stencil brushes and makeup sponges to apply the paint.

Check out the stencils the woman is holding at the bottom of this picture--they are actually waste metal from a jeweler friend of Roxanne's.  Roxanne had a whole bunch of them and gave us each one to keep.  Mine has circles and squares and rectangles, all little like these.

Here is one of the stencils that everyone ooohed at--a two part stencil of a dress.  The finished product is one the paper, and the stencils are just above the paper, the big form has green showing through it and the detail stencil has reddish black all around it.  Pretty cool.  She showed us how you can easily do a two-part stencil by holding a desired second stencil over top of the first one and paint through both. 

This is the canvas that Roxanne was doing her demos on, and then everyone came up at some point and contributed to it--at the end of class Roxanne cut it up and gave everyone a slice.  Cool idea!

And next are a bunch of pics I took at the end of class of the canvases I liked best.

I loved this bird.  She actually made this stencil in class from the transparency and pics that Roxanne gave us.  I made a bird but it wasn't this fancy.

I love the ovals, I want to made a stencil like that.

Very cool use of the white out pen.

Nice color pallette.

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