Monday, April 18, 2011

Isn't it funny?

Has anyone noticed on my sidebar that I have a meetup link (that probably doesn't work) for "Proud Member of 'GROUP CLOSING Twin Cities Migraineurs'"?  Yes, it's closed.  My support group that I started for migraine sufferers, it tanked because no one ever showed up.  Because we all had freakin' migraines!!  Oh, ha ha.  Those wacky migraines! 

My brother-in-law showed me this poem recently about headaches and it's supposed to be funny but it just pissed me off because obviously the author had NO CLUE how unfunny the damn things are.

Anyway, I thought it was ironic and tragically funny that I had to close that group.  So I left the link up.  Because I'm just that kind of wacky.

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