Friday, November 18, 2005

But Other Than That...

Things are going really well with my writing and my art. Next month I have an article being publishing in a local paper, The Minneapolis Observer, all about Artist Trading Cards. I also have a book review for the same paper, and I'm being PAID for both pieces, which is really exciting. I'll be teaching three Community Ed classes this winter on making ATC's, and my hope is that this article will create some interest in that and get more people to take the classes. So that's all good. And now I'm writing book reviews (they aren't done yet) for a new local website, the Twin Cities Daily Planet. This gig won't be paying, but it's all local books, which I really like. It's funny, one of the books I could have reviewed is a new collection of poetry by Jim Moore, one of my fantastic teachers from Hamline. I love his poetry and I am so happy he has a new book out (it's called Lightning at Dinner), but I just don't want to review it. I think there are some books I just want to read as a reader, not as a critic.

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