Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mousie Frat House

Now is the time of year all smart mousies find a house to invade for the winter. We usually have several, and this year is no exception. They really went all out this time, though. The bottom shelf of our pantry, which we don't use much except to store stuff, became mousie central. And they are little pigs! There were a couple of bags of doggie treats they chewed through and chowed down on, and they made a nest of paper and other bits of stuff and there was mouise poo everywhere!! Blast those mousies! I mean, they're cute when you see them scurry across the kitchen floor, but they live like frat boys. And they leave a trail of poo wherever they go. J. cleaned out the frat house but I still have to wash it. Bleah. Meanwhile he's set traps to catch them. The pantry is in a little alcove near the back door that closes off from the kitchen with another door, and those darn mousies have been chewing the door and the rubber sealer on the floorboard to get back into the kitchen at night when we close the door!! They've also chewed the back door, I guess to get out. It's times like these I wish we could have a couple cats in the house. But then again, if we did, I'd probably get to see the mouse carcasses when they were caught, which I don't have to deal with now. J. deals with that, and I gladly let him.

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