Saturday, January 12, 2008

Numbers deco: layer 2

Here's the second layer, with such lovely tidbits as the fact that they used coffin nails in the first planchettes (that's the thingy you put your hands on to point to the message from your dead people). J. and I started wondering if there really are "coffin" nails, you know, nails that are different from your everyday nail. We Googled with no luck. Everything that came up for coffin nails was the slang for cigarettes! It's like the slang has taken over and overshadowed any original meaning of the term (if there ever was one). So the paper I used is this really nice thin drawing paper I got for Xmas that took ink very well--it started out white and I used about three different colors of brown ink to distress it. Plus I did little drawings. Like my coffin?

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Chris said...

Woman, WHERE did you get that plancette charm?!