Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Place to Bark: Help some Doggies and Kitties

You may have noticed I just posted a badge on the right-hand column on my blog for donating to A Place To Bark. It's a no-kill doggie shelter in Tennessee run by a favorite artist of mine, Bernie Berlin, and she's now involved in this national contest , America's Giving Challenge, put on by Parade Magazine, that ends on Jan. 31st. The top 8 charities (by unique donations--i.e., number of people, not by money) will get a $50,000 prize, and she's in the top ten right now! This is a very exciting way to make 2+2=more than 4, if you know what I mean. If you love animals and can donate $10 by Paypal through this "Network for Good" organization, then she might win and be able to build an outbuilding for the dogs. You have to register through Network for Good, which is only a small hassle, and you can do it when you click on the badge to donate. This charity does so much good. She saved over 500 dogs and cats last year alone. I'm a big dog person and have been a regular donor to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for years and years, but I'm always amazed when I find people who take on a project like this at their home, and even buy land just so that they can house animals. I can't do it, I live in the city, so I really like to support such generosity when I can. Here's hoping you can, too. Also, even if she doesn't win the Parade grant, another foundation has promised to match her donations up to 25K, so your money will still help doubly.

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