Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pink Artists

So you've of course noticed my other new banner with the girl in boots that says "I'm a Pink Artist," because you're keeping track of every little addition to my fantastical blog. I kept seeing this banner on other arty blogs I like, so I had to check it out, and it's very cool. First of all, it's contributing art to benefit breast cancer research. My MIL died of breast cancer, so I'll be thinking of her while I create art for this project. The second cool think about it is that it's tiny art, a 2" square, fabric based but mixed media is okay. I love making tiny art! But you knew that, because you've been studying my Ouija board altered book layout from a few post back, right? Okay, so if you're interested in participating, or just wanna see some of the art being created for this project, click on the pink girl. The deadline for sending in art for this project is March 1st.


Chris said...

I be a pink artist, too! I like the tiny part. I'm going to do tiny. I might do several, because tiny is a good opportunity to experiment with fabric, which I've never worked with. With which I've never worked. But enough about me.

Which means I have nothing else to say.

Chris said...

You know, it's very trying to have to LOOK for your Ouija Board post when there's no LINK to it.

LOOK LINK. hahaah!


okay, bye.