Monday, January 07, 2008

Pretty Good Poetry

I've been going through some old folders on my computer and finding my poetry, which I've left dusty and unattended to for several years now. When I first moved to Minnesota over a decade ago, I was writing poetry every day. And I'm thinking now that I'd like to put some of it in a zine or two and sell it on my Etsy store. I'm happy to find that I still think my writing is pretty good. Here's one for summer, in the midst of this crappy winter weather...

Cloud Cover, Midsummer

The gray clouds
like an old sheet
that used to be white
but left clarity behind
with youth, do not bother
themselves with stormy announcements,
do away with even the rain,
only hover like a threat
you will not be able to recall
in words.

How cheap, how lazy
they appear to the thick green summer
waving voraciously below.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Are we in sync right now, or what? I have been woolgathering in the evening, at nite-nite time, about incorporating my poetry in my work. Now that I'm starting my first journal, I really want to use poetry. This poem is good. Thank you for sharing!