Saturday, August 23, 2008

Book Lists on my Sidebar

I just updated my two book lists on the sidebar, Books I'm Reading, and the other one about new art books. I was calling it New Books on Altered Art, but I changed it to Mixed Media Art, as I think that encompasses more of what I'm interested in. Of course I put all these book on my wish list on Paperback Swap...or if anyone wants to send me a giftie, pick from that list. My birthday is coming up in a month on September 29th.

I also added dates on these lists, so you'd know at least what month I updated them last. The new art books are not necessarily published this month, but they are all published in 2008.

I hope this will improve your experience reading my blog. I removed my "Amazon bookstore" because it's too much work to keep that thing updated and it's easier to just put up links to a few choice new books. And I do get a tiny credit if you click on my link to that book and end up buying it. No big whoop. I'm more interested in spreading the word about altered/mixed media art than I am in making a few bucks off links.

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Chris said...

Wow, you are so organized. I know my friends, and I know they will NOT look at my paperbackswap list because they'll have to remember a new URL or something, so I always put the books I am interested in on my wish list at amazon, even though I only buy from B&N now. But B&N has a crummy search engine and a limit on the wish list. So I use amazon since people can remember that better. HOWEVER... that being said, I'm not up to date on any of them! You are wise to update it before you B-Day. Mine's the 15th and I doubt I'll be organized by then.