Sunday, August 24, 2008

John, continued

Oops, I forgot another John in my life. This one is so early, I can't stand it. John Hartman in 2nd grade. 2nd grade? Is that even possible? What was I, like, 7? Well, I decided one day that I had to have him. Of course he didn't cooperate, boys that age never do. And what a name, huh, Hartman? Heart man. He was a tall, red-haired freckle-faced kid who bounced like Tigger when he walked. I think he was trying to emphasize how tall he was. I remember my Mom telling me much later about a conversation she had with the teacher, and how she didn't understand it either, but all the girls seemed to swoon over him. Including moi. That might have been when the John saga started, but I don't think so, I think it was still Jon my cousin first. So I was probably 5 when I glommed onto Jon. Why? Was I already programmed from the culture at that early age that I needed a man? I'd like to believe it was something more special than that. Destiny, like I said in my Jon, John, John post. It's a mystery.

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Chris said...

For me, it's always a Scandinavian. They aren't named John, but they have suitable nordic names.

It's an illness.