Monday, August 11, 2008

No Dolls for Dad

I made this pillow for Dad for Father's Day. I didn't think he'd like a doll so much, and I knew he was having knee surgery soon and so I thought a little pillow would be nice. A manly pillow. Or at least a cowboy pillow. I didn't have enough of the blue fabric for both sides but that turned out to be a good thing because then I found the white fabric with the branding iron pattern, so I used that with the blue cowboy pattern it turned out nice. The brown fringe? I found it at a thrift store and immediately knew I had to have it. I thought about sewing it between the fabrics but I wanted to do a blanket stitch around the perimeter of the pillow, so I sewed it on after I turned the pillow right side out. It didn't lay the way I thought it would, but then I still think it looks neato, with the blanket stitch prominent on one side and the silly fringe on the other. Dad likes it and uses it for his head for naps in the recliner, so I think I succeeded. I like doing pillows.

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Chris said...

This is super cool. I really like this. Your dad is lucky. I bet your mom uses this pillow when he isn't looking.

When I was in Stitch School, they said blanket stitches are for blankets, and pillow stitches should be reserved for pillows. But it seems that you've made this work.