Saturday, August 23, 2008

Define Fine, as in Fine Art

We went to the Minnesota State Fair today, and I'll be posting pics later on that, as I took over 100 photos. God, I love digital cameras. Anyway, we saw the Fine Art show and I was very disappointed with the sparse showing of art quilts. There were several creative mixed media pieces, but no altered books. There were too many "clever" pieces, like the wire grid with rolled up dollars stuck in the grid to form the word "honesty." haha, I get it. Some of the dollars looked partially pulled out, like someone was thinking about stealing them, although I'm guessing they were probably glued in place that way. Yeah, funny, for about a second. And there was this ginormous photo on the back wall of a guy in the bathroom, a toilet paper roll behind him, and he's naked to the waist, or what you would call a waist if he had one. It was just putrid. I don't get the appeal of these big photos of ugly people in ugly settings. He wasn't even ugly enough to be interesting, he was just blah and I didn't want to see his gut or his bad hair, or the look on his face that said blah. Putrid, just putrid. Did any of you see this? I refused to take a picture of it.

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Sharon P said...

Hi, Carrie,
I went to the fine art show too, but didn't look at everything, including not the toilet-paper guy; gosh, sorry I missed it.

But I did see a few works I really liked a lot, including a batik fabric print called Least Bittern, a watercolor of Pigeon Poets that had text and birds, and a mixed media piece called Purgatory that was really cool. Many of the others were kind of blah to me.

I agree with you about "Honesty" -- too clever by half.