Sunday, July 03, 2005

Beautiful Summer

It's gorgeous here, two breezy sunny days in a row. Yesterday I did get a headache but not before enjoying being outside. We went to the newly reopened Walker Museum, what a freaky thing it is. Had seen most of the art already from the permanent collections but it was fun to walk through the new layout. I think I would get lost in there by myself. I always like looking to see what funky books they have in their gift shop and I found a couple this time I hadn't seen before. Happy Kitty Bunny Pony was the first one, mostly pictures of "super cute" animals with some commentary that isn't quite as funny as James Lileks. There's something that draws me to these cute pictures, maybe a reminder of early childhood? So even as I mock them, there's something in me that feels happy looking at them...The other book I saw at the Walker was Fashionable Food, which looked fascinating, about fad foods decade by decade. It's a reprint so maybe I can find it at a library. I don't really like cooking all that much, but I love reading about food, especially weird food. Speaking of which, it's almost the hot dog holiday. I suppose if we were really into July 4th we'd go get some of those fake dogs (we're vegetarians) . But I never liked hot dogs that much anyway. Bleah. Tomorrow, the 4th of July, Americans will consumer 150 million hot dogs. Wowie. That's a lotta dogs. For other fascinating hot dog stats, visit the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council site.

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