Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bunnies Are Exciting

That's what Cocoa thinks, anyway. More exciting than squirrels. And yesterday morning she saw a bunny and yanked the leash right out of my hand in hot pursuit. We were by the river and of course Mr. Bunny ran right down the hill, through all the protective underbrush, as probably any smart bunny would. And so Cocoa followed, and got hopelessly tangled in the trees and bushes about 80 feet down a steep hill. So I had to go rescue her! Mostly I slid down the hill through the branches and probably poison ivy, and got a couple nice scratches on my butt, along with a sliver!! This is an experience I could have lived without--the sliver in my bum. But I did feel proud that I was a good mommy and saved my doggie.

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