Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Perfect Day

Yesterday we had the most perfect weather of summer. 72 degrees and sunny. So I took a little bike ride across the river and up Summit Ave. in St. Paul, then cut over to The Yarnery to exchange some yarn and get some more for another sock project. It was a great excuse to ride my bike and enjoy being outside. Summit Ave. is an old, wealthy St. Paul neighborhood with Victorian mansions lining both sides with a wide green thingy in the middle. I saw lots of people camped out for lunch on the green, and many other bikes as well. It's got a nice bike lane and not many stoplights, and it's mostly pretty level. Just my kind of ride. While over at the Victoria Crossing area by the yarn shop, I also went to Cafe Snotte--I mean Latte (home of the Chocolate Turtle Cake) and nabbed a raspberry scone for snack. Wow, I just looked at their website and they have an online Scone Calendar. So you can plan your visits around what kind of scones you want. Personally, my favorite is the Raspberry White Chocolate. Then of course I had to visit The Bead Monkey and control myself to buy just a few beads. I got a ring that you can attach beads to, that looked too fun to pass up. Then I munched my scone while sitting on the patio by the carved wooden bears out in front of The Red Balloon Bookshop, a great kid bookstore. They don't have a picture of the bears on their website...I'll have to take a picture next time I ride over there.

In the evening we went to our favorite neighborhood theatre, the old Riverview, to see the most hilarious kung fu movie ever, Kung Fu Hustle. It's just so crazy, it's like Crouching Tiger and The Matrix with the physics-defying fights, but it's also like a cartoon it's so over-the-top sometimes. We laughed a lot, it was really funny. Sammo Hung was the action director, and he does a lot of the Jackie Chan films, and you could see that influence. Fun, very fun!

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