Saturday, July 23, 2005

Why Do Birds...

That ridiculous song is stuck in my head now, thanks to Sony Ericsson and the commercial they have in movie theatres, which I seem to see every time we go to a know the one I mean, where the Japanese guy and the Nordic dude start singing it to each other, and they're both singing in their own language and then in English and it's all about working together. Karoke makes the world go round, I think that's the message they're trying to get out. Ha.

I still have a headache, isn't that amazing? I am doing my new meditation CD and my acupuncture, and an ice pack off and on, and sleeping more. I can't sit in front of the computer for very long, so this will be short. It just won't die. The headaches, they mystify me. I have managed to get through the week, though, and accomplish a few things. I made about 30 ATCs so I'll be ready for the group meeting tomorrow, which I hope will be fun. I also managed to apply online for a job at Archiver's as a part-time instructor. I don't like this online application thing, because then you have no actual person to follow up with and you just wait to see if they ever call you in this lifetime...last night I had a terrible dream that I got hired at a bookstore and then after just a few days I was about to be fired because the manager didn't like me and it was like everything had changed and I was being too particular about doing the job right and she just wanted me to work and stop training...hmmm. I don't know what that means.

My article for the Knitters Guild that I wrote in May is still not out, and no word from the editor when the newsletter will be out, which worries me. I hope she's not about to cash it in and give up the newsletter, just when it's going so strong. I hear from various rumor mills that she is quitting her job and has been overwhelmed, but I hear nothing from her when I write. And I'm just getting cozy with the knitting publishers, too! They are sending me whatever I ask for to review, which seems like more fun than should be allowed.

Saw Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night, and really liked it. It is definitely weird, but I liked that about it. I think it will become a cult favorite. They did add this stuff on about Willie Wonka's father to create a tidy explanation for young Wonka's obsession with chocolate and candy, which was a bit odd, as in unnecessary and so very 21st-century-therapy-cure. Also saw Batman Begins earlier this week, which far outpaced the other pieces of crap with the name Batman attached to them. Good story, interesting philosophical quandaries, etc. Not heavy-handed like so many of the other comic-book-to-movie flops in the last decade.

Okay,yeah, this was going to be short. So back to the ice pack I go. And nearer the AC. The heat index right now, after 9pm, is 98 frickin' degrees. Oi. I'm still walking Cocoa in the mornings before it starts boiling, but during the day when it's stinkin' hot like this I want to hide. We did go out this afternoon to check out a local Zine Fair, but it was a bit disappointing. I used to write a zine back in the day, and read a lot of them as well. My favorites were the very esoteric ones that were focused one on one thing, like there was one always about the New York subway system. And another guy that wrote the funniest poems (no, really! I know it sounds dumb, but these made me laugh my ass off)...I wish I knew how to find those again. This little fair had mostly the rant-type of zines, which I find tedious and boring, probably because I'm 30-something. So the other thing we did when we were out was go to Target to get a few things. And of course I found some stuff not on the list, like these cute monkey socks in the dollar bins. Now, I ask you, how can it not be a fine day after all when you get monkey socks?

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