Monday, March 17, 2008

And From the Top

One more shot, because I know you can't get enough of it. I am very happy with how this turned out. I didn't want to do anything real obvious, like a map of her route, or have a lot of words like "courage" or "pioneer" because I hate that kind of crap. I wanted it to be more abstract, a view of her as an adventurer without me having to say "adventurer"! And I liked the idea of used bits of hardware to represent her tenacity and her mechanical prowess. I like that the doors are a bit warped, the paint is uneven, the washers are rusty, which gives it all a slightly grimy imperfect feel. And I like how my rubber stamp images look like rough woodcuts. I have the soft lace, but it's cheap and strange-looking with unevenly dyed bits. So she's not girly. I didn't want to do a straight "here's the manly Amelia and here's the spongy feminine Amelia" and I think I've achieved that. Hoorah!

So this piece is being shown and auctioned off at the Kingfield Community Living Art Show this Saturday, March 22, at Rau + Barber gallery on 4244 Nicollet Ave. in Mpls. I gave it a starting bid of $75, I hope that's not too high, it's really hard for me to figure that crap out. I just want to make stuff. You can see a photo gallery of most of the pieces here. Mine is in there! It's so exciting!

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Chris said...

I think you left the 1 off of the $175.