Monday, March 17, 2008

Let's Look Inside

Here are two different views so you can see the sides instead of just the back of the inside. In the bottom picture, you can see another image of Amelia, this one as a child--this is also a rubber stamp I carved based on a photo. She's very similar-looking to her adult self: looking straight into the camera and smiling with her mouth closed. I also had a little fuse box with the name "Littelfuse" which I thought would go cute with the image of the adventurous little girl. There's a doll shoe I found on a walk. I know those are cottle pins, but I think they look like hairpins, so I thought that worked well. The lace is plain white dyed with the same blue wash as on the box itself, and hot-glued on to stand up in ruffles (there's also some more of this lace on the top of the box). 1897 is the year she was born.

In the top photo you can see I used a bunch of postage stamps on the other side. I found old airmail stamps with great pics of old planes on them. Then I used her flight license number to add to that grouping. The postage stamp on the inside is the Amelia Earhart stamp, and 1937 is the year she disappeared (she was 39 on her round-the world flight!).

The bar I mentioned for hanging Barbie clothes is wrapped in some novelty yarn so it looks sorta like clouds and sky. The die is from a Monopoly game variant and says "go" on two sides. The blue fluffy stuff in the bottom inside is tulle, and I glued 3 similar-looking bits of hardware in it.

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