Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Pink Art Square

Okay, so it's not the greatest picture, but it's hard to take a good picture of something this small! It's only 2 inches square, and the flower mode for my camera doesn't work so hot. Anyway, I like how this square turned out. I wanted to keep it simple and joyful. So there is a little beading (the pink beads across the top are hard to see), and then 2 pink buttons sewn together in the center over some silver ribbon. The tiny jingle bells are really silver, the camera flash made them look brass-colored. And of course, the ice cream truck charm. I finished this over a couple days and sent it in ON the deadline day, so I'm happy I got it done at all. I've been battling big migraines lately and it's been hard to get to any art as most down time is spent resting. So this tiny 2" square feels like a big accomplishment!

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GraceBeading said...

And a beautiful little square it is, nice work!