Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another ATC holder book completed

I got some more shiny beads from Bead Monkey and finished this one for a friend who I traded supplies with. Now I'm working on a third one that someone is actually ordering from my Etsy shop!!! Hooray!


Chris said...

get OUT!

Chris said...


I just spent 7.5 minutes putting a bracelet and an ATC book (contingent on Frosted Flakes theme) in my etsy shopping cart, and at checkout, the only payment method I could select was Paypal. Look, pal, I don't use paypal because they're morons. So, I'll send you a check for 15.90, or cash, with the coins in one of those little coin envelopes, but you'll have to pay the extra weight postage.

To summarize, I want the bracelet with the purple closure, the salt and pepper shakers on one side and the space theme on the other.

Please let me know if I can send you a check. I don't think etsy sphincter let my order through, because I wouldn't pay through those scheisters Paypal.


p.s. I guess for $16.00, you don't need my cranky attitude, so let me say THANKS ahead of time!

Kimmie said...

I bought the last one! I HAD to have it! I love your blog - I'm putting the link back on mine - I'm glad I found it!