Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Just kidding! I didn't make this doll for Easter, I just happened to make it on Easter. And it came out a little scary. But I think she's cool. Maybe a little voodoo, but her hair rocks. Mom gave me the skull fabric, a hanky from Wal-Mart. I think I put it to good use. This is actually for a dotee doll swap in my local group. It's a little bigger than your average dotee, and we didn't pick any theme, so I just did what I wanted. I'm sure someone will love her. And I loved sewing it without any pattern or plan. Now I want to make more. Maybe a cuter one for Lily.

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Chris said...

OH MY HEAVENS! A CUTER one? Are you NUTS ? This is the cutest doll I've ever seen. (I'm not even kidding.) I think the reason I was always afraid of dolls was that they were so cheery and person-like. This one is PERFECT! I mean, not that it's not cheery or person-like, just that...
it isn't.
Which is PERFECT!
Don't ruin Lily's childhood with chatty cathy dolls! Fill her crib with these. She'll be the coolest chick around, forever.

Did you make the trim, too? I just love all of it.

By the way, if your mom loved me she'd buy me supplies, too.