Wednesday, March 05, 2008

OWOH Giveaway bracelet #2

Here's my second bracelet that I finally finished and sent off to the winner, who already got it and really likes it, which makes me happy. This is the first one I've pieced, and it was from this great pack of 5" squares from a fabric line called "Katie Jump Rope." I love that name. It was a Xmas present from this online store called the Fat Quarter Shop, and they have these yummy packs of fabric called Charm Packs that are 5" squares from a whole line of fabrics, perfect for small projects.

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Chris said...

These are tragically necessary. But here's my question about the fat quarter shop thingie: What's the diff. between the charm packs and the jolly packs? am i too lame to figure this out, and thus, need you to buy what i want and make stuff FOR me?

eagerly awaiting your response...