Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Apple Blossom Time

I love this time of year, it smells so good outside. The apple trees are blossoming, and I love stopping on my walks and smelling them. Yum. I'm not much for roses, but I love the smell of apple blossoms.

Sick today so no walkies. Just woke up exhausted. Bother. Maybe I'll catch up on some reading. Yesterday I was a domestic wonder, getting the laundry, dishes and grocery shopping done. Why is grocery shopping such a pain? I like doing Simon Delivers but they don't always have everything we want, like the vegitarian meat, for instance. But they have the best produce, so there you go. Everything in life is a trade-off.

Monday was a bang-up mail day, got two ATCs, a zine I ordered about altering called The Gleaner Zine, and a photo of my dad in the local newspaper! He sings in a choir and they had a concert, so he saved the paper, concert program, and flyer for me since I couldn't be there. Wish I couldv'e heard him, I love to hear him sing, he is so happy when he sings.

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