Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Whenever we get a new big bag of dog food, J. pours it into the plastic tub, and Cocoa watches very attentively. It's exciting to see that much doggie food all at once. She used to be a stray before we adopted her from the local Humane Society, so I wonder if having to scrounge for food gives her that look now when she sees lots of food. Or maybe all dogs are piggies. J. is sweet so he usually lets her stick her head in the bin and get a bite after he pours the bag out. This time she got a little greedy and made like a squirrel, filling her cheeks. Only she doesn't have squirrel-sized cheeks, so she had empty her mouth before she choked on it, and there on the floor she deposited a rather large soggy pile of food. Bleah! And no, we did not let her eat it. Icky.

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