Monday, May 09, 2005

Heckuva Deal

Got a new pair of shoes! REI had their anniversary sale over the weekend so we went to buy J. some new panniers for his bike since the last ones broke. And of course we found a few other things. I got some Keen sandals, same kind I got J. last year for his birthday. He loves them and wears them all the time. They're great for camping and hiking (and canoeing in BWCA) and just wearing wherever. So I was trying on the women's sandals, normally $95 on sale for $69, and this woman comes up to me and sort of leans over and half whispers--"Hey, what size do you wear? Cuz I got mine in the kids' section and they're like $40 cheaper." So I tried it and lo and behold, I fit in the kiddie size, so I only paid like $32 for mine. And I love them, they are soooooo comfy. I will probably wear these for walking Cocoa Puffs once we get sandal weather here.

Sent in my class for ISABA today on using Penscore foam. I hope they like it, it took a lot more work than I realized it would, and over 20 pictures!

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