Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Cookie Karma

Yesterday morning a cookie fairy left a bag of homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies on my doorstep. I have yet to find out who the cookie fairy is. At first I thought I knew, because just the day before I left some cookies on a friend's doorstep. I assumed it was her playing cookie tag with me. But she denies all knowledge and so does everyone else I have thought to ask. I guess I just have good cookie karma. I sure would like to know who did it though...

The cookies I made must be shared with the world, because they are so yummy. I'm posting a pic of these Choco-Caramel delights so you can all see them and drool. They're chocolate with a Rollo in the middle. So you have to smoosh the dough around the Rollo to hide it while it's cooking. It's kind of like playing with Play Dough. Only these taste better.

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