Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Dangit. I dreamt I found Jimmy again, only this time I was sure I was awake. I was working in a bookstore and saw his name on some order manifest. So I asked my manager about it and he called up Jimmy and asked him to come out to the store to see me. I ran up to him saying "It IS you!" and I was so thrilled...we were starting to catch up on things and I was telling him how I wasn't working at this bookstore for the pay, because the pay was really crap, but the real value in it for me was the friends I had made, and now here I'd gone and found him, which was worth gold to me...

It's true, I did work at a bookstore for a long time, and the pay was crap, but I still have those friends I made at that job, and we keep in touch even though we live thousands of miles away from each other now. And now I'm working in another not-super-well-paying job and I've made a couple of friends I hope to keep in touch with even after it ends, which is in a few weeks.

And I'm applying for another not-great-paying job next week that I really want, and trying to think of how best to convince the people hiring that I'm their man(woman), even though I don't have a degree in what the job is for. It's my density, to quote Crispin Glover in Back To the Future.

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