Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Fabric Winnings

So here's the fabric stash I'm sending to Sonja as my stash-busting giveaway. I hope she will like the selection, there's some really nice ones and most are very colorful. It's about 3 lbs. of fabric. I hope it won't cost a fortune to send to the Netherlands, but I don't think so. We'll see. Hopefully someone is going to the post office today. And then they can also mail my first sale on Artfire!! Yes! Diane from Craftypod bought my quilted kitty coasters. I hope she doesn't mind me saying so here.

So I just recently heard that Laurel Burch died back in September. That's really sad. I hope that her fabrics will still be available, that's the fabric I used for my kitty coasters. And there's some more kitty fabric in this Sonja's stash, the aqua blue in the bottom row. I already have several more sets of squares cut up to make more kitty coasters, I'm just wondering if they are going to be suddenly really valuable because you can't get the fabric anymore?? I wouldn't want people buying my coasters and then turning around and selling them for a fortune on Ebay. Hmm. If you have any idea, leave me a comment.

Okay, I just figured out that Burch died 2 years ago. So I'm a little slow. Or I wasn't paying attention. Anyhow, her products are still being churned out, there just won't be any new designs. So I don't have to worry.

Holy Crafters, Batman! J. just went to the post office and shipped the fabric winnings pkg to the Netherlands, and it was $21!!!! Jeeeeeeez, and it was only about 3 pounds. It shouldn't be that expensive. It just shouldn't. Because I like sending things overseas. But come on, that's a lot. Well, I'll just think of it as my contribution to the blanket donations that Sonja is making.


Anonymous said...

Wow, unbelievable, what a money for a fabric giveaway parcel.
I'll promise you that my mother in law and me will make lovely and needed blankets out of it and I will send you pic's if I find out how I can manage that because my provider still returns your e-mail.
When I won't succeed, I sent you a letter (you know what that is, apiece of paper in an envelope, the way they had contact in the middle ages LOL)



Chris said...

Cathie did my bidding and sent a package of TJ's snacks to afghanistan and it was $17.00! I sent one bag of reese's PB cups to Australia once, and it was $10.00! one bag!

oh, if only my next door neighbor crafted, I could just wind some twine around something and throw it on her lawn.

anything to get my crap out of the house.

SisterDG said...

I LOVE the coasters! I know the person who gets them (avoiding spoilers here) will love them, too!