Monday, February 02, 2009

the Redbubble thing

Okay, yes, another way to sell my work. I hope you aren't getting sick of it. I mean, I'm just trying to spread my talent around. Like butter. On a worldwide piece of toast. So I have a Redbubble thing going on, it's a place where I can put my really great photos and others can buy them in the form of greeting cards, prints, canvases, etc. Redbubble does all the production and shipping, I just supply my images. And so I get a tiny little profit margin. But how exciting if someone bought a card with one of my photos on it! Imagine! Me, an artist! A photographer!

And, by the way, once I figure out how to use my image editing software and do layers, I'm joining Lollypins and you can buy those cute little 1 inch buttons with my work on them. I know, I'm so greedy. Actually I just want to be able to make more stuff. So, I just wanted to warn you. Take cover now.

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