Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Artfire Item: Leetle Tiny Coloring Book

One of my arty friends suggested I do this and I'd been thinking about it for a while, so I did it! It's a little tiny coloring book of my doodles. They are ATC-sized and I've even perforated the pages to tear out if you want to use them to trade. I only ask that people who trade them give me credit for the doodle and point more folks to my store. I made it pretty cheap--$1.50 for 8 doodle pages, because they aren't the originals, but are copies on cardstock. But who doesn't like to sit and color?

I remember coloring those big gigantor posters you can still get at Michael's (not the velvet ones) that had detailed drawings on them. Only I didn't like most of the themes available, like it seemed most of them had fairies or fantasy women on horses. Ew. Not my thing. I do remember an ocean one that was really fun. Anyway, I plan to make more of these, probably bigger next time. I want to make a robot one, and a bigger doodle one. I like more abstract stuff.

Heck, speaking of coloring, I need to color my entry for the Doodlage love contest!! The deadline is only a few days away!

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Chris said...

Okay, you're starting to bug me. I haven't done my doodle, and I don't have this ATC book.
Please send it over. I'll add it to my tab.