Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Headaches

Well, I never got around to making my anti-valentine, so I took that lovely bloody heart button off my sidebar. I'll put up a link when she announces the winners. I still want to see them, even though I didn't enter.

I still have a while to finish my Doodlage Love thingie.

Today was not so fun. Went to the ER with a toasty Toddler. Her temp was 104 and I couldn't wait anymore to see if it was just a cold. She's been sick all week, first with croup and then with a cold and this constant fever that was scaring me. Now Daddy is sick, too. I just have my migraines.

The point? Is that I survived Valentine's Day. J. got me a nice card, and also got a Valentine for Toddler, which was so sweet! And he got me Frango chocolates, which is exactly what I asked for. I even got him something, this fabulous doodle called Love Potion from the Doodlage queen. So the hospital thing wasn't fun, and really the rest of the week there wasn't much sleep involved, but I got through it. It's my toughest holiday. I have chocolate, I have a happy home that is temporarily sick, my husband is still gainfully employed, I just sold something on my Artfire Studio, so hey, all in all, it's good.

Happy Valentine's Day. I hope yours was better with less effort.


Chris said...

I'm so sorry about your precious angel girl. That is not a fever to mess with! I'm glad you went. I hope you don't have migraine today. Hubby was very sweet. Isn't it great to have someone on your team?

Congrats on your artfire sale!!!

Sharon P said...

Hey, Carrie -- congrats on your Artfire sale, too, and sorry Lily and John are not well. I hope everybody's on the mend! I remember how those little ones can run such high fevers.

Well, at least we have sunshine today. The gray sure has been tedious!


Tammy said...

So glad you survived the day. Hope the next few days are better and all those icky bugs leave your family alone. Congratulations on your Artfire sale!