Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm So Crabby I Could Spit

Except I don't spit very well and usually end up getting it on myself. Like when I try to spit out the window in a moving car, it goes on MY window. It's rather tragic.

But I'm crabby because of these gol' darn migraines. Last week totally sucked from Thursday onward. Until about Sunday afternoon when I could take some more painkillers and then it was ok but not great. Now, I don't need anyone to comment on how to fix it, I am well-versed in all the cures and triggers and yadda yadda. I just want to bee-yotch about it.

In maybe a week I'll have a day where I don't wake up with a headache and I'll think "Oh my God, this is what normal people live like." It just colors everything, and I have to work so much harder to do things and just even think clearly when I have a headache. Why isn't there a cure for migraines yet? And why isn't it considered a disability? Am I being a whiner here? I mean, crap, I couldn't hold a job and deal with this. I was already having problems in my job before I had Toddler, and the headaches have only gotten more frequent since then.

I have physical therapy and my PT is a very positive person and encourages me that I'm making progress but sometimes I just think, wow, it's always going to be like this, isn't it?

So what do I do? It's not in my control. Really about the only thing I can control is my attitude about it. And some days, or just even part of days, like now, I hate it.

So that's why I'm crabby that the winner of my fabric giveaway hasn't answered my email and given me her address to ship to yet. I mean, it's been two whole days since I emailed her!! How dare she have a life! She's a mommy like me, so I should cut her some slack and not worry about it. But no, I want her jumping up and down like a contestant on The Price is Right, and adoring me for giving her something for free. I want some worship. Oooh, I'm so evil right now, aren't I? Good thing I didn't have pea soup for dinner, otherwise my head might be spinning around about now...


i am very mary said...

I adore you. And I understand the headaches. I had one for two days and FINALLY woke up this morning without one. So funny, because last night in my journal I wrote: I just want to feel "normal". I SO GET IT. Also, your fabric giveaway was great! I love the fabric you won, too!

Kitty said...

Migraines are the pits. Yes, having them regularly is a HUGE disability. There have been times when I could hardly see because of them. If it's a premenstrual one, you get hormones AND a headache, and that's a lethal combination.

Take care. x

Chris said...

I'm very sorry, my friend. I wish I could take them away.

You have my address; send me the fabric!! yay!

okay, just kidding. humor heals.