Monday, February 02, 2009

Warning: Small Parts, not safe for children under 3.

I'm crafting and listening to NPR and of course they did a dorky story about Groundhog Day and how everyone has their OWN Punxatawney (you try to spell it!) Phil, and they informed listeners that a groundhog is also called a "whistle pig." By whom? And doesn't that sound like a fun little toy? "Hey, Tommy, look at my new Whistle Pig!" "Be the first on your block to get this fabulous toy!! Provides hours of fun!"

I heard the Mayor of New York was a bit too pushy with their little New York Neddie or whatever the poor hassled rodent's name is, and said whistle pig bit Mr. Mayor. Good for him. Hey, when you've got everybody over and they're all hooting and clapping and expecting this great performance, some kids just don't want all that pressure. Can you blame the little guy? I mean, when he didn't come out, the mayor just tried grabbing him out of his cage and hauling him out! How rude! How American! How very New York. You go, little Neddie.

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