Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy Birthday Cocoa!

We've had Cocoa for 6 years now and we got her on January 4, 2003, so we call that day her birthday. She got lots of extra treats today and lovin' as usual. She's 9 years old now and getting a little gray in the face and tummy areas. She's had a tough time adjusting to being dethroned by the baby, but the baby worships her, so maybe she'll appreciate that more later. Baby's favorite word is DOG, she'll just say it over and over and over. And she was instrumental in making sure Cocoa got extra treats today, so Cocoa should be grateful, but not so much yet are we seeing that.
Cocoa gets into all kinds of destructive shenanigans whenever we leave her home alone, but we still love her and forgive her and snuggle her and let her hog space on our bed every night. She tries to get in on all the action, as you can see in the top two pics. It's hard to photograph her and get her eyes, as you can see in the bottom pic. It's just hard to photgraph black dogs in general. Outdoors it works better, but it's frickin' cold out there this time of year.
Her favorite toys are still balls of most any kind, and of course balls or Kongs that require effort to get treats out of them.
Well, I'm sure she's warmed up my side of the bed by now, so I better be headin' off to bed.
Today is also the Feast of Christmas in the Catholic calendar, which was nice at church. It bugs me that some people already have their trees down and packed away. What happened to the 12 days of Christmas? Let's enjoy it a bit before we go rushing into the next thing, eh?

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Chris said...

LOOK at that bofer!! We call Scout a bofer, because when she's lying with her head down, resting, and she hears something dangerous far away, but she doesn't really need to exert herself yet, she'll just give a little 'bofe!' with her mouth closed, to let us know she's paying some sort of attention. Or, if we don't want her to bark, and she has to be quiet, but she can only barely keep from barking, she holds her mouth closed, but barks through her lips, 'BOFE!'

Basically, she needs analysis.