Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Studio Ambience

I wanted to post this in response, or to echo the sentiment of, Very Mary's recent post about her studio. My "studio" is a small room with way too much stuff in it and it's almost never tidy. I see that Somerset Studios Where Women Create magazine and think "oh, phew, one magazine I don't 'need' to buy." Because my studio will never be like one of those places. First of all, most of those people have bigger studios than my living room garage house. Thirdly, I have a toddler. So other things come first before cleaning--well, before cleaning anything, really. Plus I want her to have a love for art and its compenents. So sometimes I just open up my tub of ribbon and let her scatter it all over the floor. And by floor I mean 2nd floor of the house. She loves it! She'll drape it over her shoulders or mine, and unroll the spools and be fascinated by how long they are. I will never have one of those roller bars on the wall with all my ribbon hanging off it like so much colorful toilet paper. I usually like small pieces anyway, so I don't have a lot of rolls, just a yard here, a snippet there.

So, I just want to say that having the tidiest studio is not my goal anymore. And it works pretty well most of the time. I just have to clear a big enough space to work on my current project. That's all I need. I let the colorful clutter around me inspire me. So ha!


Chris said...

You would not BELIEVE what my studio looks like right now. We're uncluttering the house, and that means there are boxes everywhere, books in stacks to go through, piles of stuff waiting for new shelves to be installed...
I got that magazine and love it as I would a travel magazine. I will never get there...but it's a nice dream.

Your studio looks very user friendly!!

i am very mary said...

I don't even have a toddler, so I really don't have a good excuse. My excuse is this: I LOVE STUFF. I drag it home in boxes and bags and crates. I pile it up, I drag it out, I fuss with it. I use it when I can find it and, most often, I can't find it. And then I make a bigger mess trying to find it, but usually I find something. So, whatever! It makes me happy to have one really messy space in my very sparse house. Modern contemporary be damned, I like the clutter!