Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Project I've Been Wanting To Do Forever!

I can't believe this, I found good instructions online on someone's blog on how to make easy Roman blinds!! We have these crappy-looking fat slat wooden blinds on our windows in our oooold house (I love the house, it just has some challenges), and now matter what you clean them with they still look dingy and the strings are breaking so many don't work anymore and I have all this great fabric and for like 3 years now I've been saying I'm going to make Roman blinds. Well, dangit, thanks to Jen Duncan, I'm putting it on my New Year's Resolution list, for this summer. I have to wait 'til summer cuz I want to start with the ugly yellow vinyl blinds in the front porch that have I guess replaced the wooden blinds already but already about 30 years ago, or so it looks like it. They're UGLY. And they snap up when you pull them down. Or they don't. Either way, it's annoying and I want them to go away. So I'll start with those. And it's freezing in the front porch this time of year because it's not insulated. So I'll have to wait. But I'm totally doing it. This woman's instructions rock and I've put a permanent link to them on my DIY sidebar group.


Chris said...

Well, I don't sew, but I'm going to send you the dimensions for making them for us. Also, our preferred colors.

I'm looking forward to them!

i am very mary said...

No way! That's great! I've been wanting "real" instructions that don't result in my crumbling into a sniveling ball. And my old house? It has its challenges, too. Like, oh, I don't know - BEING AN OLD HOUSE.