Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Am Already A Winner!

My most excellent friend Chrissy gave me this award because she thinks I'm talented or something and likes my blog. She is brilliant in her own right, so it's an honor to receive an honor from her. Enough with the butt kissing, I know. So, I can't figure out where this award originated from, but you're supposed to keep passing it on and the rules change but currently you're supposed to say 7 things you love...

1. I love my family. Oh, I know, how boring, but it's true. I call my parents about once a week and my mom and I always have each other rolling on the floor laughing. About nothing. Just silly stuff. My father sings in a men's choir and I love to hear him sing.

2. I love my sewing machine and that I can make things on it! It's so fun! I never thought I would be a sewer, and my own mother was shocked to learn of this development (as observant children, we ran and hid when we saw her get out the sewing machine), but I let my inner fabric fiend out and I love it.

3. I love my husband, he is my best friend. We have been through many highs and lows together: An all-day hike through Arches National Park is a particularly fond memory, losing our first baby to miscarraige is a rough one. We try to be nice to each other even when things are crazy, and always work on communicating. Little things make a difference, like saying thank you for doing the laundry or the dishes.

4.I love being a mommy to my little cherub Toddler who is the happiest giggliest baby I've ever seen. I melt when she hugs me or just turns around and backs into my lap and sits down. If I ask her for a kiss, she presents her cheek for me to kiss.

5. I love my art supplies, especially my lazy suzan with all the colored pencils, pens, scissors, punches, q-tips, and paintbrushes on it. Just looking at it makes me feel inspired.

6. I love my art group that I meet with once a month here in MN. We do group projects together, and are great supportive friends of each other, no matter what is going on. When I was in the hospital with preeclampsia before I had Baby, they made me a little bag of art stuff to cheer up my hospital room.

7. Uh oh, I've reached 7. Wow, and here I thought this would be hard. I love this blogging/art community online. It saves me sanity to be able to commune with other artists when I'm stuck at home and not having a good day. I love being able to participate in big online art projects, like the Pink Artist project, that raised over $3k for breast cancer research.

And now I get to nominate some other bloggers. But first, as Winnie the Pooh would say, I must have a think. Which may involve sleeping. Meanwhile, as you wait with bated breath, you can read the previous post about the nutjob Mondrian.

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Chris said...

Oh, I taped that show about MOndrian but I had to delete it so someone could tape 75 hours of inauguration programming!!

I'm going to go read about the nutjob.