Saturday, March 28, 2009

Amelia's back

I made this assemblage last year and exhibited it in a community show that turned out to be very disorganized and have mostly boring pieces. And they knocked a piece off the top!! So I had to repair it when I finally got it back, and I didn't enter the show this year. I listed it on Etsy for sale and when the listing expired and I realized I didn't have my description anywhere else but on that listing, which SUCKS because Etsy won't let you look at the description unless you decide to relist it!! Evil Etsy!!! That ticked me off.

So I paid the 20 cents listing fee, then got my description so I could list this in my Artfire studio. It was worth it. I just hope someone finds it and likes it enough to buy it. I think it's fabulous. I don't think I'm asking an exhorbitant price for it. $75?

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