Sunday, March 22, 2009

Painting Jag

Another 5x5 canvas. I call it "Maniacal Spring." I am really enjoying painting lately. I think I'll put this in my Arf shop, but right now I'm in mourning that I'm not going to get to do the Art-A-Whirl craft fair in May like I thought I was. Somebody got my hopes up and then they were dashed. Boohoo.

I also made my first bid on Etsy on an Alchemy item, which means someone wanted something made and was taking bids for it. In this case a woman had found some cool Pinky and the Brain fabric and it was only a small amount and wanted someone to make something cool with it. I suggested several possibilities, all stuff I've made, and provided links to pics of examples. And my offer was declined. It just wasn't what she was looking for. Nobody likes me. Ho-hum. Guess I'll go eat worms.


Lorraine said...

well I like your mad spring painting so there!!

Merc said...

Thanks, Lorraine! I like people who say "so there!"

Chris said...

so there!

Chris said...

I forgot the rest of the stuff I wanted to say. FIRST of all, I want to commission you to make a six-canvas series of paintings (5X5 each) so I can have a beautiful and fun display on my wall to brighten my mood every time I look at it. That doesn't even mean it has to be perky. Just as long as it's your style, I'll feel better all day.


Chris said...

SECOND of all, I love your maniacal Spring.

Now, people who ask people to be in their art fair because they are afraid no one will be in their art fair, and then when the team is filled up they don't want the other people in the art fair, should be shunned. I henceforth shun the organizers of the art fair. So, there.

Ces said...

Oh that stinks, the art fair but the Maniacal Spring is lovely, elegantly maniacal.

The Alchemy item sounds like a lot of fun. That is a very clever concept. Good luck with the bid. I am terrible with making something out of something.