Monday, March 09, 2009

Stop the Presses! I Sewed a Zipper!

I made a cute little zippered pouch!!! I have been afraid of zipper-sewing for a long time, so this to me is a momentous event. Now, I did have to unpick stitches about 3 times, but I remember doing that when I was learning knittting, and it doesn't bother me as long as I'm learning. And I'm so lucky, I have a hubby who used to work in a sewing factory and so knows his way around sewing. When I have a question on instuctions, he helps me figure them out.

Now, I didn't do perfect on the zipper. It doesn't quite close all the way. But still, not bad, eh?

And here is the buttery yellow fabric I used for the inner lining. It's just so darn cute!!!


Chris said...

Wow, you sewed a zipper this small? great work! I know from experience they are a challenge.

Ces said...

(LOL) That is a great accomplishment. I learned to sew a zipper when I was in 5th grade Home Economics. I also learned to clean fish at the same class. I have not sewn a zipper again but I have cleaned fish many times. It's good to learn new things. I wish I did more needlework.

Merc said...

I was an A student, but Home Ec was the one class in my school career I got a C in. I sucked at it. My sewing was horrorific. My clay work was sad. And I sifted the sugar when we made chocolate cookies and mine turned out looking like piles of dog doo. But now I can look back and laugh. HA!

Ces said...

I hated HomeEc too because my 2 of my 3 teachers were mean and played favortism. My needlework sucked and I made my own designs instead of following a pattern. My teacher did not like that.