Thursday, March 05, 2009

Forget the Ott Lamp

I have an ott lamp, or at least an ott bulb, one of those that approixmates real daylight and is good for crafting. Well, forget that. I've recently decided that a headlamp is way easier to use for crafting. I asked J. for one for Xmas for reading in bed, and I've found that I also like it for hand-sewing and other detailed crafting as well. You can angle the lamp to where you want it to point, and this one has different brightness settings, and you can have it set to use one lamp in the middle or two on the sides. It's very useful. The headband is adjustable. I think the one pictured here is the one I got. Only about $30 retail.


Chris said...

I want one of these! How brilliant!! Why didn't I know about these?!?!?!


in other news, the word verification is 'gocks'.

i rest my case.

Ces said...

I saw you at Chris, isn't she a hoot? I was intrigued by your blog title. I read your first post, wow, very interesting. If you don't mind, I would like to stop by once in a while. Have a great week.

Ces said...

Oh my gosh Merc. That dog website is an eye opener! What a site. Daisy is the first dog for our children. My son brought him home when she was only 6 weeks old. She had fleas! Her mother is a street walker who keeps getting pregnant and delivered a litter of pups at our neighbor's garage. She is very gentle and very loving. At first I did not want her because she is a pitbull mutt but my friends convinced me that they can be gentle. She has filled our lives with so much joy. Thank you.