Friday, March 20, 2009

Twitter Makes Me Nervous

that I'm missing something. Then I go look at it and most of the posts are just not that exciting, or I don't know what the hell someone is talking about because I did miss the whole other end of a conversation. The ones that are interesting are pointers to blogs I read anyway. And I'd rather spend more in depth time writing. It sucks me in and I feel like I HAVE to scan through pages of posts, and I end up annoyed. So I took my twitter-ator off my sidebar. And I won't be tweeting much. I haven't even figured out really what's the best use for it for me. Anyhow, that's what I decided.

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Chris said...

I can see your point completely. I love some of the links I'm finding there. I have never been good at finding interesting sites because I don't want to sift through all the pointless sites to get to them. So, when someone I follow because I connect with them in some way offers a link, it's usually neato. But as far as going there to catch up on minute to minute news? Not really happening for me.

If you're networking, which I'm not really, its probably good for connecting people to each other because you click on the user names and can find the thread of what they have to offer or are interested in. If you are a provider of that thing, you can make yourself known to them. Or if they provide the inside scoop to something you're into, you can contact them in a safe way. But if you're not networking, you just hang around for a few short minutes and then move along.

I think what finally clicked for me is that I realized I don't have to use it for anything serious. I don't have to network with it just because other people do. It doesn't have to impact my life considerably, but can just be another venue for finding stuff online or entertaining myself when I'm low on energy and don't want to think hard. I go in and out of it, and when I do, I see that a lot of people stay there all day. I can't imagine having that kind of time or interest. I would get hugely bored.
So I guess I just figured out how it could entertain me and how I could use it to decompress, and that's how I use it. It doesn't add or detract from my business or my goals. I don't need it. It's just super easy and less investment than a video game. Sometimes I joke about being addicted, but it's really just the newness of it. I know it's not going to replace blogging or emailing.

I don't think a person should use it if they don't care to. It's really just another pasttime. I guess to pros it could look like you're making headway, but to me it's not enough headway to matter.

the word verification is tactor. it makes me think of Lily saying tractor. I don't know why.