Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What the Bleep is Twitter?

Kitty asks. Well, go to your instant, if not always reliable, internet knowledge source, Wikipedia. Here's the entry on Twitter:

You'll probably read it and think "So?" and "Why?" which are normal reactions.

But if you don't know who Jon Hamm is, then you're really not watching enough television. I jest. But I did provide a link. You can see he's hot. He's also on a cable show, so if you choose to do other things with your money, like eat, than spend it on cable, no one blame you for not knowing who Jon Hamm is. He has been called the next George Clooney. To which his response was, "But we already have a perfectly serviceable George Clooney." Cagey, huh?


Kitty said...

I saw the picture in your link yesterday - a tad too 'smooth' looking for my tastes. So I went over to google images and found some of him looking a whole lot more rumpled ... which to me it much hotter ;-)

I don't have enough time in my day to check out all the websites to which I already 'belong' ... Twitter would kill me!


Chris said...

I can live without Jon Hamm, actually. I've often wondered, what's the big deal? But I'm obviously out of the loop on that one.

I always was a wally cox fan, though.