Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time for some Architecture

I was toodling around downtown St. Paul with the toddler this morning and the sun was out so I opened the window and stuck the camera out and snapped a few blind shots. I love this one, the old ornate architecture smushed up against the boring white brick of the new. And through the pre-spring tree branches, no less, reminding us that there's not much beauty here in nature right now, so look around at what man has created and find some beauty in those forms.

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Chris said...

Okay, you may not know this, but I love architecture. I purposely don't learn anything about it so that the mystery of its beauty is not compromised for me. That cool brown number there floats my boat. Were you leaning? Were you so far out the window that Lily had to hold on to your feet to keep you from falling?

Excellent shot. Thanks for posting it.


Is that a doodle-covered journal I see on your sidebar?! In your store?!

Oh, I'm going to be very irritated if someone buys that.

Your mostly supportive friend,
Auntie Chris